Ecocool is a silage inoculant ideally suited for maize silage. And can also be used for grass, legumes and cereal/silage at risk of aerobic spoilage. It combines two unique bacterial strains in one inoculant, Lactobacillus plantarum strain MTD/1 for improved fermentation and Lactobacillus buchneri strain PJB/1 for improved aerobic stability, giving you more, better quality silage to feed.

Features and Benefits



Faster, more efficient fermentation, preventing DM losses

More nitrogen preserved as true protein and better use of available sugars

Improved aerobic stability by inhibiting the activity of yeasts and moulds

Reduced heating and waste by reducing the number of yeasts in the silage at opening

Less risk of mycotoxins and minimises undesirable microbial activity

GMO free, suitable for organic use

Mixing and Application



Available for a liquid application only

One bottle treats 100T of forage

Versatile liquid application:

  • Any applicator – standard to ULV

  • Apply from 20 ml/t to 2 l/t

Tank mix life: 48 hours.




Shelf life: OPENED - Place cap firmly back on the container to prevent moisture build up.  Store in cool, dark place.  Stored in ideal conditions, product should be good for approx. 9 months.

Shelf life: UNOPENED - 24 months in a cool, dry place.

Product can be stored in the fridge or freezer, if, for next season or over winter.