Dairy feed

Canola Meal

Canola meal is a by-product of canola seed oil production.

Nutritional Benefits



Canola meal contains 30-35% rumen undegradable (by-pass) protein and the other 65-70% is degraded in the rumen.

This is quite similar to the protein fraction in soya bean meal.

Therefore Canola meal works well in diets low in rumen degradable protein, e.g. when over 40% of the diet is low protein feeds as maize silage, whole crop silage, stalky grass silage or grain.

Feeding Recommendations



The benefits of Canola meal are best captured in a balanced feed ration and normally feeding rates for dairy cows are 0.5-2 kg DM per day.

In grain mixes inclusion rates range from 10-30%.

Canola meal can be fed mixed in the paddock or fed on the feed pad.

Canola meal can also be fed via the grain feeding system in the dairy shed, by itself or mixed with other ingredients.

Canola meal is not suitable for self-feeding like PKE.

Typical Nutritional Analysis



DM % 88%
ME (MJME/kgDM) 11.7
Crude Protein 38%
NDF 26%
Starch 1.5%
Crude Fat 24%