Dairy feed

Hi Starch Pellets

Hi Starch Pellet is a 100% grain pellet and an excellent source of energy.

Nutritional Benefits



The high maize content makes Hi Starch Pellets an ideal slow release starch option during lactation.

Hi Starch Pellets provide adequate amounts of starch, promotes rumen bacterial growth, that will enhance total milk protein production.

Hi Starch Pellets is an ideal choice to increase and maintain peak production during spring.

Hi Starch Pellets is a 6mm pellet that reduce wastage and improve flow in silos.

Feeding Recommendations



Due to the high starch content of Hi Starch Pellets a gradual introduction is recommended.

Once animals have adapted to a higher starch diet, the Hi Starch Pellets can be fed at between 2kg to 4kg per cow per day to maximise production.

Due to the low protein content of the Hi Starch Pellets it must be properly complemented with a protein source from pasture/other protein feed options, as well as fibre.

Typical Nutritional Analysis



DM % 88%
ME (MJME/kgDM) 13
Crude Protein 13%
NDF 25%
Starch 45%
Crude Fat 3%