HSR Maize Seed


Introducing HSR Seeds 82 CRM silage maize.
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Introducing HSR Seeds 85 day starchy silage corn, formally known as MYF139. Very quick silage maize or grain that lls the void for growers that want to double crop, or plant or harvest out of the key operating window. It is designed principally for the silage producer who wants a quick turnaround with an excellent yielding/quality corn silage for its maturity.
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Known as the“The Pillar of Strength”Obelix is proving to be a winner on farm here in New Zealand and Australia after its success in the trial programme.
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Very highly productive HSR Seeds 102 CRM soft feed/silage maize.
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Brutus from HSR Seeds is a 105 CRM soft feed/silage maize.
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(110 CRM) An exciting new HSR hybrid for Spring 2022. Developed in Australia as a dual-purpose hybrid with a fit for both silage and grain, it has impressed in New Zealand hybrid assessments in both yield and its’ overall agronomic package. A tall plant with large cobs and bold ‘dent’ kernels makes it an ideal option for a full-season silage crop.
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Bred for yield, disease tolerance and adaptability. A medium to tall leafy plant with large, bright yellow kernels, this hybrid is a true ‘dual purpose’ that finds a fit with both silage and grain growers but will have a silage focus for the New Zealand market.
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Feed Storage On Farm

As with any grain or meal feed products need to be kept dry as moisture combined with heat can cause fungi to grow. Common on farm storage methods are: in a shed or unused fertiliser bin; in a covered pit; on a concrete pad; or in a cutting, covered with plastic sheet and tyres. Most feed should be used reasonably expediently (within 40 - 50 days). The longer you plan to store feed products the better your storage facilities need to be.