Calf feed


Volostrum is a natural “one feed only” alternative to colostrum for lambs and goat kids. Volostrum from Volac provides farmers with the best possible solution for the new born kids and lambs, as you only need to get one feed of Volostrum vs multiple feeds for the other colostrum products currently on offer. The protein % of Volostrum is significantly higher than other colostrum products available. Volostrum is perfect for farmers fostering orphan lambs.

Nutritional Benefits



The highly concentrated low volume of Volostrum ensures goat kids and lambs are fully fed.  This significantly reduces the mortality risk compared with high volume or multiple feed alternatives.

Volostrum provides 38g protein per 50g (140ml) feed.

Helps newborn goat kids and lambs resist potentially fatal disease challenges.

Highly digestible source of energy helps reduce the risk of hypothermia.

Vital stand-by in any goat kidding and lambing shed.

Feeding Recommendations



The feeding rate for Volostrum is 50gr / kid/lamb of 100ml warm water.  Total volume, 140ml.

Feed Volostrum as soon as possible after birth and preferably with the first 6 hours.

When necessary, the Volostrum mix can be store in a refrigerator for a maximum of 72 hours.  It should be re-warmed to 40°C by standing in a bowl of warm water (below 60°C) and then stirred before feeding.

Typical Nutritional Analysis



DM % 95%
Protein 76%
Oils and Fats 8%
Ash 3%
Lactos 8%